West Virginia Marker, Z-209

Describing the contrast between both the placid and delightful Shenandoah and the wild and tremendous mountains in western Virginia, now West Virginia, Jefferson wrote in his Notes on the State of Virginia, This scene is worth a voyage across the Atlantic. According to tradition, the first European pioneer to settle here was Morgan Morgan, a Welshman who immigrated to Mill Creek and acquired his land in Nov. 1730; German immigrants, however, were probably in the Shephardstown area in 1727. In 1861, many counties in western Virginia opposed secession. On 20 June 1863 Congress admitted fifty of them to the Union as the new state of West Virginia.

Marker Information:
Additional Information: Marker reported missing, no Commonwealth or Federal replacement funding available. Will only be replaced if a private sponsor funds replacement. Post at site.
Year On Marker: 1999
Region: Shenandoah Valley Region
Geographic Location: Craig County
Physical Description of Location: Covington, VA 24426. Located on Route 311, 3 miles southeats of the junction of Route 311 and Sweet Spring Valley Road. Marker is on the left when traveling southeats on Route 311.
GPS Location: 37.60653,-80.24071
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