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Weddell-McCabe-Chisholm House QA-30 | Marker History

Weddell-McCabe-Chisholm House Marker, QA-30

Scottish emigrant James Weddell (1807-1865) built this Greek Revival house about 1845 and lived there until his death. In 1865, Capt. W. Gordon McCabe (1841-1920) bought the house. Over the second half of the 19th century, he published many works on the classics, poetry, and his service in the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. A noted educator and civic leader, he was also headmaster of the prestigious University School preparatory academy. McCabe lived in the house until he moved his school to Richmond in 1895. Dr. Julian J. Chisholm (1830-1903), a noted surgeon, lived in the house from 1900 until 1903.

Marker Information:
Additional Information: Marker was dedicated-unveiled October 4, 2012.
Date Approved by DHR: 12/15/2011
Year On Marker: 2011
Original Sponsor: The Cameron Foundation
Region: Richmond Region
Geographic Location: Petersburg
Physical Description of Location: 228 South Sycamore Street, Petersburg, VA 23803. Marker is in front yard of Weddell-McCabe-Chisholm House.
GPS Location: 36.723166,-78.129321
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