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Washington-Rochambeau Route--Alexandria Encampment E-106 | Marker History

Washington-Rochambeau Route–Alexandria Encampment Marker, E-106

Most of the American and French armies set sail from three ports in Maryland--Annapolis, Baltimore, and Head of Elk--in mid-Sept. 1781 to besiege the British army in Yorktown. The allied supply-wagon train proceeded overland to Yorktown, its itinerary divided into segments called "Marches." Its "Fourth March" was from Georgetown to Alexandria; the wagons took two days, 24-25 Sept., to cross the Potomac and reunite in Virginia. The Alexandria camp was roughly a half-mile in area, located north of Oronoco Street and bisected by Washington Street. The train left Alexandria on 26 Sept.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1998
Region: Northern Virginia Region
Geographic Location: Alexandria
Physical Description of Location: 609 Oronoco Street Alexandria, VA 22314. Located on George Washinton Parkway (Rt. 400), 1 of a mile north past the intersection of George Washinton Parkway (Rt. 400) and I-95 on the right.
GPS Location: 38.809648,-77.045746
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