Uttamusack Marker, OC-31

Nearby on the Pamunkey River was the location of paramount chief Powhatan's primary temple site, Uttamusack, the spiritual center of the Powhatan Indians. On the site stood a holy house for Powhatan, and two additional temples also used for ceremonies. Seven priests, who also served as councillors to the paramount chief, cared for the house and temples. Only priests and chiefs were allowed in or near the holy houses. No further information about Uttamusack was recorded after 1609 in colonial records, when Powhatan moved his primary residence from Werowocomoco on the York River to Orapax on the Chickahominy River.

Marker Information:
Date Approved by DHR: 09/14/05
Year On Marker: 2005
Original Sponsor: Department of Historic Resources
Region: Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula and Eastern Shore Region
Geographic Location: King William County
Physical Description of Location: West Point, VA 23181. Located on King William Road (Rt. 30), 0.25 miles southeast of the junction of King William Road (Rt. 30) and State Route 635. Marker is on the left when traveling southeast on King William Road (Rt. 30).
GPS Location: 37.575792,-76.842682
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