Tangier Island Marker, Q-7-a

The island was visited in 1608 by Captain John Smith, who gave it the name. A part was patented by Ambrose White in 1670. It was settled in 1686 by John Crockett and his sons' families. In 1814, it was the headquarters of a British fleet ravaging Chesapeake Bay. From here the fleet sailed to attack Fort McHenry near Baltimore. The Rev. Joshua Thomas, in a prayer, predicted the failure of the expedition. It was in this attack that the Star-Spangled Banner was written.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1948
Region: Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula and Eastern Shore Region
Geographic Location: Accomack County
Physical Description of Location: Tangier, VA 23440. Located on Tangier Island, on the northwest intersection of Main Ridge Road and Pondarosa Road.
GPS Location: 37.827158,-75.99198
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