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St.John's Episcopal Church SA-37 | Marker History

St.John’s Episcopal Church Marker, SA-37

Here on 23 March 1775 Patrick Henry delivered his "Liberty or Death" speech, calling for American independence, during the second Virginia revolutionary convention that included as members George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Peyton Randolph, and Richard Henry Lee. Saint John's Church was built in 1741 by Richard Randolph on land donated by Richmond's founder, William Byrd II. It continues to serve Henrico Parish (founded 1611). Buried in its churchyard are George Wythe and Elizabeth Arnold Poe, mother of Edgar Allan Poe.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1991
Region: Richmond Region
Geographic Location: Richmond (City)
Physical Description of Location: 2401-2499 E Broad Street (between N 24th Street and N 25th Street), Richmond, VA 23223.
GPS Location: 37.53199884,-77.41945578
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