Sherwood Anderson Marker, K-46

Renowned author Sherwood Anderson's works influenced Faulkner, Hemingway, and other 20th century writers. Anderson was born in Camden, Ohio, on 13 Sept. 1876, moved to this area in 1926, and lived here until his death. He built his home, Ripshin, near Troutdale, and was for a time owner and publisher of two Smyth County weekly newspapers. He was best known for his book of short stories, Winesburg, Ohio. En route to begin a research tour of labor conditions in South America, with his fourth wife Eleanor Copenhaver of Marion, Anderson died on 8 Mar. 1941 in Colón, Panama. He is buried at Round Hill Cemetery.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 2000
Region: Southwest Region
Geographic Location: Smyth County
Physical Description of Location: 1431-1619 N Main Street (US 11), about .2 miles north of intersection with B.F. Buckingham Highway (Virginia 16), Marion, VA 24354.
GPS Location: 36.846519,-81.492618
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