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Quiyoughcohannock Indians K-137 | Marker History

Quiyoughcohannock Indians Marker, K-137

The Quiyoughcohannocks were one of the first Virginia Indian groups the English encountered in 1607 after landing at Jamestown. Situated primarily in present-day Surry County, the Quiyoughcohannocks had four villages in the region likely east of Upper Chippokes Creek. The Quiyoughcohannocks in 1608/1609 escorted Nathaniel Powell and Anas Todkill southward in an unsuccessful attempt to locate survivors of the Roanoke Colony. The English observed a part of a ritual initiation into manhood, the huskanaw, at a Quiyoughcohannock village in 1608.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 2002
Region: Tidewater Region
Geographic Location: Surry County
Physical Description of Location: 5750-6008 Colonial Trail E (Virginia 10), about 1.8 miles east of intersection with Golden Hill Road (State Route 616), Surry, VA 23883.
GPS Location: 37.111037,-76.746381
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