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Peter Cartwright--(1 Sept. 1785-25 Sept. 1872) OQ-6 | Marker History

Peter Cartwright–(1 Sept. 1785-25 Sept. 1872) Marker, OQ-6

Known for helping to develop Methodism as a circuit rider in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois, Peter Cartwright was born three miles southeast. His library, which he carried in his saddlebag, included a Bible, a hymnal, and The Book of Discipline. Lacking formal education himself he encouraged it in others; several Midwestern colleges count him as a founder. In 1828 he was elected to the Illinois General Assembly. In 1832, he was one of four candidates elected in a field of thirteen; Abraham Lincoln ran eighth and lost. In 1846, Lincoln defeated Cartwright for Congress.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1997
Region: Blue Ridge and Central Piedmont Region
Geographic Location: Nelson County
Physical Description of Location: Marker located at southwest corner of intersection of James River Road (State Route 56) and Friday Mountain Road (State Route 647). Marker visible on left when traveling west on James River Road.
GPS Location: 37.719335,-78.82722
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