Patrick Porter (1737-1805) Marker, K-18

Patrick Porter was among the early pioneer settlers in present Scott County. Nearby on Fall Creek is the site of Porter's Mill, built by Porter in 1774, the earliest licensed mill on waters of the Clinch River. Porter is also credited with the erection of a fort house in the same year to protect residents from Indian attacks. His son Samuel travelled with Daniel Boone to Kentucky in 1773 and in 1778 answered Boone's request for assistance in defending Boonesborough.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1984
Region: Southwest Region
Geographic Location: Scott County
Physical Description of Location: Southwest corner of intersection between 3rd Avenue (Virginia 72) and Jefferson Street (State Route T-1009), in front of post office, Dungannon, VA 24245.
GPS Location: 36.8274557350,-82.4688743190
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