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Pamunkey Indians Attacked by Nathaniel Bacon OB-14 | Marker History

Pamunkey Indians Attacked by Nathaniel Bacon Marker, OB-14

Although the Pamunkey Indians had been allies of the Virginia colonists since 1646, early in 1676 they were driven from their main town on the Pamunkey River by sympathizers of insurrectionist Nathaniel Bacon, and took refuge in Dragon Run Swamp. In August, Bacon’s forces searched for tribal leader Cockacoeske there, capturing an old woman identified as her nurse, whom they killed after she deliberately misled them. Bacon then found the Pamunkey and attacked, killing 7 and capturing another 45. Cockacoeske escaped into the swamp and hid for two weeks, emerging almost starved. The tribe returned to the town after Bacon’s death in October.

Marker Information:
Date Approved by DHR: 09/17/09
Year On Marker: 2010
Original Sponsor: Department of Historic Resources
Region: Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula and Eastern Shore Region
Geographic Location: King and Queen County
Physical Description of Location: King and Queen County, near the Dragon Run Swamp’s southern edge
GPS Location: 37.633589,-76.696334
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