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Oliver White Hill Sr. K-91 | Marker History

Oliver White Hill Sr. Marker, K-91

African American attorney Oliver White Hill Sr. helped end racial segregation in American schools as a plaintiff lawyer in the U.S. Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education. Hill’s family moved to Roanoke when he was a child. He lived as a student with Lelia and Bradford Pentecost here at 401 Gilmer Avenue. After graduation from law school, Hill returned to the Pentecost’s house in 1934 and began practicing law. He moved to Richmond in 1939 and opened a law office there. Hill later received numerous awards and honors, culminating with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1999.

Marker Information:
Date Approved by DHR: 12/18/08
Original Sponsor: Department of Historic Resources
Region: Shenandoah Valley Region
Geographic Location: Roanoke (City)
Physical Description of Location: Proposed Location - 401 Gilmer Avenue Roanoke, VA 24016.
GPS Location: 37.277121,-79.946674
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