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Nottoway Indians U-124 | Marker History

Nottoway Indians Marker, U-124

The Nottoways' first recorded contact with the English colonists occurred in 1650 in present-day Sussex County. By 1694, due to hostile Indian attacks and encroaching settlers, the Nottoways had moved their main settlement to the mouth of Assamoosick Swamp in Southampton County. The Nottoway were farmers and hunters and their language was related to that of the Iroquois. By 1713, the House of Burgesses set the boundaries for the Nottoway Indian reservation. Over time, due to a decreasing population and white settlers' claims, Nottoway land was sold to outsiders. The legal termination of the Nottoway Indian reservation began in 1824 and by 1878 the last parcels of land had been divided among the surviving Nottoways.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 2000
Region: Tidewater Region
Geographic Location: Southampton County
Physical Description of Location: 23322 Southampton Parkway (US 58), Courtland, VA 23837. Marker is in front of Southampton High School.
GPS Location: 36.701979,-77.107207
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