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New & Missing Markers | Marker History

New & Missing Markers

Report Recently Erected, Damaged, Missing, or Virginia Historical Highway Markers Not in our Database Here.

Markers Approved, To Be Erected Markers – Markers that have been approved by the Department of Historic Resources, have a sponsor with requisite funding to cast the marker, but have not yet been erected. If you know of any markers on this list that has been erected, please let us know where it is located, using the notify us section below, and we will do our best to quickly get an image up on our site.

Markers Approved, Not Erected, Sponsor Needed – Markers that have been approved by the Department of Historic Resources, but do not currently have a sponsor with the necessary funding to pay for casting the marker. If you would like to sponsor one of these markers, links are provided.

Missing Markers – Markers that have been erected in the past, but are currently reported missing from their roadside location. Temporary removal for maintenance and refurbishment of a marker by VDOT is the most common reason a marker is missing. Long term road construction in the vicinity of a marker is another common reason why some markers are missing. Theft or a decision, due to lack of funding or current irrelevancy of the marker text, not to replace or refurbish a marker at the end of its useful roadside life are also reasons why a marker may be missing.

Damaged Markers – Markers that are missing big pieces. Most damaged markers appear to have been hit by motor vehicles or by large solid objects thrown from moving vehicles. In some cases, damage appears to be the result of a failed theft using a J hook. Due to the large number of markers with bullet holes through them, we do not include those markers on this list.