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Naval Aviation Depot/Norfolk KV-2 | Marker History

Naval Aviation Depot/Norfolk Marker, KV-2

The depot began in 1917 as part of the Naval Air Detachment of six canvas hangers servicing seven seaplanes. Before the depot closed in 1996, its name changed over time from Construction and Repair (1918), Assembly and Repair (1922), Overhaul and Repair (1948) and Naval Air Rework Facility (1967), to Naval Aviation Depot (1987). Reaching peak employment during WWII of more than 8,000, the facility later became Norfolk’s largest employer. Through the decades, as naval aircraft advanced from seaplanes, to fighter jets, to air-to-air missiles, the master mechanics continued to play a leading role in the advancing maintenance technology for the Navy, Air Force, and NATO forces.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1996
Region: Tidewater Region
Geographic Location: Norfolk
Physical Description of Location: Bellinger Boulevard, near intersection with 4th Avenue, Norfolk Naval Station, Norfolk, VA 23511.
GPS Location: 36.944702,-76.296457
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