Nansemond County Marker, Z-243

Formed in 1637 from New Norfolk County. It was first called Upper Norfolk County, but in 1642 it was named Nansemond for an Indian tribe. Dismal Swamp is partly in this county.

Marker Information:
Additional Information: Created in 1637 as Upper Norfolk County, name was changed to Nansemond in 1642. Established as the independent city of Nansemond in 1972, merged with the independent city of Suffolk in 1974, now know as Suffolk.
Year On Marker: 1932
Region: Tidewater Region
Geographic Location: Isle of Wight County
Physical Description of Location: Suffolk, VA 23434. Located on Pruden Blvd (Hwy 460), 3.75 miles east of the intersection of Pruden Blvd (Hwy 460) and Walters Hwy (Hwy 258). Marker is on the left when traveling east on Pruden Blvd (Hwy 460).
GPS Location: 36.7952821950,-76.6868957280
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