Moore’s Fort Marker, X-18

Moore's Fort, also referred to as Byrd's Fort, stood nearby close to the Clinch River. Built by 1774 and likely named for the owners of the property, the wooden structure served as defensive fortification for settlers of European descent on the frontier. Daniel Boone commanded this fort and Blackmore's and Cowan's forts on the Clinch River during Lord Dunmore's War in 1774. During that war and the American Revolution (1775-1783), periodic conflicts between Native Americans and settlers occurred there, in part, because of increased settlement.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 2003
Region: Southwest Region
Geographic Location: Russell County
Physical Description of Location: Virginia 65, about 1.75 miles west of intersection with Trail of the Lonesome Pine (US 58 Alt), St Paul, VA 24283.
GPS Location: 36.86229,-82.332286
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