Meherrin Indians Marker, S-72

The Meherrin Indians lived in the coastal plain of Virginia and North Carolina along the Meherrin River. They farmed and hunted and spoke a language, Meherrin, that belonged to the Iroquoian language family. The Meherrin remained relatively undisturbed by the English settlements, until about 1650 when trading in furs increased their contact with settlers. By 1680 the Meherrin had become official tribute-paying subjects of the Virginia colony that temporarily gave them a protected land base around their villages. By the early 18th century members of the Meherrin had migrated along the Meherrin River to near the fork where it joins the Chowan River in North Carolina.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 2001
Region: Southside Region
Geographic Location: Brunswick County
Physical Description of Location: Freeman, VA 23856. Located on Pleasant Shade Drive (Hwy 58), 0.8 miles northwest of the intersection of Pleasant Shade Drive (Hwy 58) and Grassy Pond Road. Marker is on the right when traveling northwest on Pleasant Shade Drive (Hwy 58).
GPS Location: 36.757346,-77.656415
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