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Lynchburg Defenses R-4 | Marker History

Lynchburg Defenses Marker, R-4

During the Civil War, a line of trenches and fortified artillery positions extending past here were built late in 1863 to defend Lynchburg against attack from the north. Brig. Gen. Francis T. Nicholls was responsible for ensuring that the local militia, invalids, and convalescents properly manned the fortifications. On 12 June 1864, Nicholls ordered the local militia and invalids into these lines to repel a possible advance by Federal cavalry commanded by Brig. Gen. Alfred Duffié, but the Federals altered their course to Lexington. Soon after, the Confederates moved into defense works south of the city to face Maj. Gen. David Hunter's assault on 17-18 June 1864.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 2002
Region: Blue Ridge and Central Piedmont Region
Geographic Location: Amherst County
Physical Description of Location: Madison Heights, VA 24572. Located on Colony Road (Rt. 210), 0.25 miles southeast of the intersection of Colony Road (Rt. 210) and South Amherst Hwy (Rt. 29). Marker is on the left when traveling southeast on Colony Road (Rt. 210).
GPS Location: 37.424201,-79.126077
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