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Lewis-McHenry Duel K-71 | Marker History

Lewis-McHenry Duel Marker, K-71

In this town occurred the duel between Thomas Lewis and John McHenry in May, 1808. This was the first duel with rifles known to have taken place in Virginia. It resulted in the death of both men. Dr. John Floyd, later Governor of Virginia and member of Congress, was the attending surgeon. This affair contributed to the passage in January, 1810, of the Barbour Bill outlawing dueling in Virginia.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1951
Region: Southwest Region
Geographic Location: Montgomery County
Physical Description of Location: 2-18 US 11 (East Main Street), Christiansburg, VA 24073. Marker is in median at intersection of East Main and Franklin.
GPS Location: 37.129687,-80.408873
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