John Miller House Marker, SA-61

John Miller, a free black cooper and minister, built this house about 1858. It is significant as a rare surviving antebellum house in Richmond constructed by and for a free African American family. More than two thousand free blacks lived in Richmond at the time of the Civil War; at least two hundred of them were homeowners. Miller was an influential member of the small free black community that existed in present-day Oregon Hill. Originally erected at 614 S. Laurel Street, the dwelling moved to its present location in 1917, two blocks to the west of here at 617 S. Cherry Street, by Richmond businessman Moses Nunnally.

Marker Information:
Date Approved by DHR: 09/09/03
Year On Marker: 2003
Original Sponsor: Private Sponsor
Region: Richmond Region
Geographic Location: Richmond (City)
Physical Description of Location: 619-699 Holly Street, Richmond, VA 23220
GPS Location: 37.5364226010,-77.4496713630
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