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Janie Porter Barrett-(9 Aug 1865-27 Aug 1948) ND-12 | Marker History

Janie Porter Barrett-(9 Aug 1865-27 Aug 1948) Marker, ND-12

Janie Porter Barrett was born in Athens, Ga. She graduated from Hampton Institute and soon began teaching home-management techniques to other young African American women and girls. In 1915, Barrett founded the Industrial School for Wayward Colored Girls nearby, the third reform school specifically for black girls in the United States. The school long survived its predecessors in Maryland and Missouri, and was also the first--and for several years the only--such state-supported school. Barrett used progressive, humane methods, operating on an honor system and forbidding corporal punishment. In 1950, the school was renamed the Janie Porter School for Girls.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1999
Region: Richmond Region
Geographic Location: Hanover County
Physical Description of Location: Hanover, VA 23069. Located on Hanover Courthouse Road (Hwy 301), less than 1/5 of a mile southwest of the junction of Hanover Courthouse Road (Hwy 301) and Peaks Road (Rt. 657). Marker is on the left when traveling southwest on Hanover Courthouse Road (Hwy 301).
GPS Location: 37.72561628,-77.3663710820
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