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Indian Treaty of 1646 OC-1 | Marker History

Indian Treaty of 1646 Marker, OC-1

Shortly after paramount chief Opechancanough’s 1644 attacks on English settlers in response to the settlers’ encroachment on Indian lands, he was captured and put to death at Jamestown. His successor Necotowance signed a treaty, ratified by the Grand Assembly in October 1646, acknowledging the Indians’ subjection to the English Crown and agreeing to pay a yearly tribute. A provision of the treaty that allowed the Indians sole use of the land north of the York River was broken later in the same Assembly session, when another law was passed that opened the treaty land to English claims.

Marker Information:
Date Approved by DHR: 03/07/07
Year On Marker: 2007
Original Sponsor: Virginia Historical Society and Department of Historic Resources
Region: Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula and Eastern Shore Region
Geographic Location: King William County
Physical Description of Location: 14th Street (Route 33) eastbound just prior to crossing bridge, West Point, VA 23181.
GPS Location: 37.538174,-76.794359
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