Headquarters of Opechancanough Marker, OC-30

Near here stood the town of Menmend, home of the paramount chief Opechancanough. During Powhatan's reign, Opechancanough was a king of the Pamunkey and a war chief of the Powhatans. He became paramount chief about 1629 when his brother Opitchipam died. Opechancanough organized the attacks of 1622 and 1644 against the English in an attempt to punish them for encroaching on Indian land. He was nearly 100 years old when he was captured after the conflict of 1644. Imprisoned at Jamestown, he was killed when a prison guard shot him in the back. The site of Opechancanough's home on the Pamunkey River has long been called The Island.

Marker Information:
Date Approved by DHR: 09/14/05
Year On Marker: 2005
Original Sponsor: Department of Historic Resources
Region: Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula and Eastern Shore Region
Geographic Location: King William County
Physical Description of Location: Aylett, VA 23009. Located on Richmond-Tappahannock Hwy (Hwy 360), 2.75 miles south of the intersection of Richmond-Tappahannock Hwy (Hwy 360) and King William Road (Rt. 30). Marker is on the left when traveling south on Richmond-Tappahannock Hwy (Hwy 360).
GPS Location: 37.711681,-77.150456
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