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Greenway Historic District B-38 | Marker History

Greenway Historic District Marker, B-38

This 30-square-mile scenic landscape illustrates the evolution of a unique rural community. Unlike the rest of the Shenandoah Valley, where mostly Scots-Irish and German immigrants settled on small farms, Virginia Tidewater gentry occupied most of this district. These families brought with them their wealth and a slave-based economy, which they employed to build and maintain large plantations. Significant residents included Thomas Lord Fairfax, proprietor of the Northern Neck; Nathaniel Burwell, grandson of Robert "King" Carter; Gen. Daniel Morgan, Revolutionary War hero; and William Meade, third Episcopal Bishop of Virginia.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1999
Region: Shenandoah Valley Region
Geographic Location: Clarke County
Physical Description of Location: Northwest corner of intersection of John S. Mosby Highway (Route 50) and Bishop Meade Road (Route 255). Marker is on right when traveling west on Route 50.
GPS Location: 39.0592586120,-78.0412331320
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