George’s Tavern Crossroads Marker, SA-51

In 1792 Captain William George (1760-1827), a veteran of the Revolutionary War, established near this site on River Road an ordinary which stood until about 1900. During the campaign of 1781, General Von Steuben crossed the James River at Cartersville, passing through on his way to meet General Lafayette, who was camped in Louisa County. On 23 February 1782, after visiting Jefferson at Monticello, General Rochambeau passed the future site of George's Tavern on his way to Tuckahoe. Taverns and ordinaries were welcome places for rest and refreshment along stage roads every ten to twelve miles.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1999
Region: Richmond Region
Geographic Location: Goochland County
Physical Description of Location: Goochland, VA 23063. Located on River Road West (Rt. 6), less than 1/5 of a mile west of the intersection of River Road West (Rt. 6) and State Route 606. Marker is on the left when traveling west on River Road West (Rt. 6).
GPS Location: 37.7354921470,-78.0543106840
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