Freedmen’s Cemetery Marker, E-109

Federal authorities established a cemetery here for newly freed African Americans during the Civil War. In January 1864, the military governor of Alexandria confiscated for use as a burying ground an abandoned pasture from a family with Confederate sympathies. About 1,700 freed people, including infants and black Union soldiers, were interred here before the last recorded burial in January 1869. Most of the deceased had resided in what is known as Old Town and in nearby rural settlements. Despite mid-twentieth-century construction projects, many burials remain undisturbed. A list of those interred here has also survived.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 2000
Region: Northern Virginia Region
Geographic Location: Alexandria
Physical Description of Location: 714 Church Street Alexandria, VA 22314. Located on South Washington Street, 1 block miles north of the intersection of South Washington Street and I-95. Marker is on the right when traveling north on South Washington Street.
GPS Location: 38.794668,-77.049355
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