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Forts Henry and Charles W-86 | Marker History

Forts Henry and Charles Marker, W-86

In 1610, after the expulsion of the Native American inhabitants of Kecoughtan, the English constructed two forts in the vicinity of the former Indian village. Forts Henry (1610) and Charles (1611) were built between the mouth of the Hampton River and Point Comfort primarily to defend Kecoughtan against the Indians. Fort Henry was located on the east side of the Hampton River, Fort Charles on the west side. According to Don Diego de Molina, a Spaniard imprisoned in Virginia from 1611 to 1616, fifteen soldiers garrisoned each fort. Fort Henry was abandoned in 1637.

Marker Information:
Region: Tidewater Region
Geographic Location: Hampton
Physical Description of Location: Strawberry Bank Blvd at Veterans Administration Hospital
GPS Location: 37.015152,-76.328613
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