Fort Henry Marker, QA-6

Four blocks north is the traditional site of Fort Henry, established under the Act of 1645. In 1646 the fort was leased by Abraham Wood. From it, in 1650, Wood and Edmund Bland set out on an exploring expedition; and, in 1671, Batts and Fallam on the first expedition known to have crossed the Appalachian Mountains. The fort was garrsioned again in 1675, with Peter Jones as commander. Error: Note that the last sentence of the marker is incorrect, and should read: The fort was garrisoned again in 1675, with Peter Jones as commander.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1932
Region: Richmond Region
Geographic Location: Petersburg
Physical Description of Location: 801 W Washington Street, Petersburg, VA 23803. Marker is affixed to brick face of building.
GPS Location: 37.2253300960,-77.4158346990
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