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First Africans in Virginia W-96 | Marker History

First Africans in Virginia Marker, W-96

The first documented Africans in Virginia arrived in 1619 when a Dutch warship landed here at Point Comfort. The "twenty and odd" Africans, captured from the Spanish, were traded to the Virginia colonists in exchange for foodstuffs. Early Africans who lived here included Antony and Isabell, and their son William, likely the first black child in present-day Hampton. They served Point Comfort Commander William Tucker, but whether the early Africans were treated as indentured servants or slaves is uncertain. The institution of slavery evolved during the 17th century as the term of service for Africans was extended for life. The U.S. abolished slavery in 1863.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1994
Region: Tidewater Region
Geographic Location: Hampton
Physical Description of Location: Hampton, VA 23651. Located on Fenwick Road, 0.2 miles east of the intersection of Fenwick Road and Ingalis Road. Marker is on the right when traveling east on Fenwick Road.
GPS Location: 37.001033,-76.30855
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