Eltham Marker, WO-30

Eltham, a mile north, was long the home of the Bassett family and one of the largest and finest colonial houses in Virginia. Burwell Bassett, the owner at the time of the Revolution, was a patriot leader. Washington was a frequent visitor at Eltham and was there in November, 1781, at the deathbed of his stepson, John Parke Custis, a soldier of Yorktown. The old house was burned in 1875; the foundation remains.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1930
Region: Tidewater Region
Geographic Location: New Kent County
Physical Description of Location: 18639 Eltham Rd (Route 33 and 30 Eastbound), West Point, VA 23181. Marker is on right about 500 feet past intersection with Virginia Avenue.
GPS Location: 37.519821,-76.831708
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