Edmund Pendleton’s Home Marker, ND-5

Six miles southeast is the site of Edmundsbury, home of Edmund Pendleton. Pendleton, born September 9, 1721, was in the House of Burgesses; a delegate to the Continental Congress; chairman of the Virginia Committee of Safety, 1775-6; president of the May 1776 convention and the convention that ratified the United States constitution, 1788; president of the Virginia supreme court. He died, October 26, 1803, and was buried there but was later removed to Williamsburg.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1947
Region: Fredericksburg-Culpeper-Warrenton and Upper Piedmont Region
Geographic Location: Caroline County
Physical Description of Location: Milford, VA 22514. Located on Richmond Hwy (Hwy 460), 0.25 miles north of the intersection of Richmond Hwy (Hwy 460) and Sparta Road. Marker is on the right when traveling north on Richmond Hwy (Hwy 460).
GPS Location: 38.0090962350,-77.3338669070
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