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Dr. Mary Edwards Walker SA-82 | Marker History

Dr. Mary Edwards Walker Marker, SA-82

On April 10, 1864, wearing her uniform, Union Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, the only female ever awarded the Medal of Honor, walked into a band of Confederate soldiers just south of the Georgia-Tennessee border and was taken hostage. For four months, Walker was imprisoned at Castle Thunder, near Richmond, Virginia. After she complained about the lack of grain and vegetables for prisoners, the Confederates added wheat bread and cabbage to the rations. On 12 Aug. 1864, she was exchanged, along with 24 other Union doctors, for 17 Confederate doctors. She was proud that her exchange was for a Confederate surgeon of the rank of major.

Marker Information:
Date Approved by DHR: 06/18/09
Original Sponsor: Department of Historic Resources
Region: Richmond Region
Geographic Location: Richmond (City)
Physical Description of Location: Proposed Location - Near site of Castle Thunder prison
GPS Location: 37.528192,-77.422907
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