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Dahlgren's Cavalry Raid SA-27 | Marker History

Dahlgren’s Cavalry Raid Marker, SA-27

In February 1864 a young Union officer, Col. Ulric Dahlgren, joined with Brig. Gen. H. Judson Kilpatrick to raid Richmond and free Federal prisoners of war. They planned for Kilpatrick's men to attack the city's northern defenses while Dahlgren would lead his men through Goochland County, cross the James River, and enter the city from the south. A local African American, Martin Robinson escorted the troopers to a nearby ford but the water was too high to cross. Suspecting trickery, Dahlgren hanged him near here on 1 March, and then attacked the city from the west. Defeated, he rode east in search of Kilpatrick and was killed the next day in King and Queen County

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 2001
Region: Richmond Region
Geographic Location: Goochland County
Physical Description of Location: Located on Co. Road 650, 1.75 miles west of the junction of Co. Road 650 and North Gaskins Road. Marker is on the right when traveling west on Co. Road 650.
GPS Location: 37.5861580250,-77.6359963880
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