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Coppahaunk Springs K-309 | Marker History

Coppahaunk Springs Marker, K-309

A Nottoway Indian town was located two miles south at the springs when the English settlement was established at Jamestown in 1607. The Nottoways gave the three springs the name, Coppahaunk, meaning "good health or healing waters." About 1825, Coppahaunk Tavern was built; a post office opened in 1835. Before the Civil War, a spa resort operated here. Afterward, a private boy's academy opened in the former tavern, and girls were later admitted. From the turn of the century until the Great Depression, spring water was bottled and sold, and during the late 1920s the water was used in the production of ginger ale.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1999
Region: Southside Region
Geographic Location: Sussex County
Physical Description of Location: 112-198 Coppahaunk Avenue (County Road T-1028), about 150 feet south of intersection with W Main Street (Virginia 40), Waverly, VA 23890.
GPS Location: 37.034718,-77.097274
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