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Confederate Memorial Chapel SA-52 | Marker History

Confederate Memorial Chapel Marker, SA-52

The chapel was erected in 1887 in memory of the more than 260,000 Confederate war dead and as a place of worship for the veterans who resided here in the Robert E. Lee Camp Confederate Soldiers' Home. The veterans themselves, many of them disabled and impoverished, funded the construction. Marion J. Dimmock, Sr., designed the Gothic Revival structure and Joseph F. Wingfield built it. The chapel was used regularly until the last resident veteran died in 1941. The home was then closed and the buildings were demolished, except for the chapel and the Robinson House, the superintendent's dwelling. The chapel was restored in 1960-1961.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1999
Region: Richmond Region
Geographic Location: Richmond (City)
Physical Description of Location: 2900-2998 Grove Avenue, .1 miles west of intersection with N Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23221.
GPS Location: 37.55571311,-77.4761576890
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