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Camp Hill and Camp Alexander W-68 | Marker History

Camp Hill and Camp Alexander Marker, W-68

Camps Hill and Alexander were created when Newport News was designated a port of embarkation by the U.S. Army after the United States entered World War I in 1917. Camp Hill was established in Aug. 1917 and named for Confederate Lt. Gen. A.P. Hill. Besides processing men for overseas duty, it served as the port's animal embarkation area. Camp Alexander was established in 1918 and served as an embarkation and postwar debarkation camp for African American troops. It was named for Lt. John Hank Alexander, one of the first African American graduates of West Point. After World War I, the camps were abandoned.

Marker Information:
Region: Tidewater Region
Geographic Location: Newport News
Physical Description of Location: Route 60 (Warwick Boulevard) and 69th Street, Newport News, VA 23607.
GPS Location: 37.009532,-76.445836
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