Byrd Presbyterian Church Marker, SA-55

Byrd Presbyterian Church's congregation is descended from worshipers, organized by theologian and future Princeton University president Samuel Davies at Tucker Woodson's farm in 1748. By 1759 the group had its own building on Byrd Creek. In 1838 descendents of the original congregation began worshiping here when the existing structure was built. Byrd Presbyterian is a notable example of the simple brick churches constructed in Virginia during the 19th century. The building retains some of its original architectural features, including its slate roof and interior window valances, as well as its cemetery.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 2001
Region: Richmond Region
Geographic Location: Goochland County
Physical Description of Location: Located on Dogtown Road, 0.75 miles north of the junction of Dogtown Road and River Road West. Marker is on the right when traveling north on Dogtown Road.
GPS Location: 37.71374106,-77.9400631910
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