Boyhood Home of Rev. Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin (1869-1939) – Father of Colonial Williamsburg Marker, R-82

Born in Richmond in 1869, William Archer Rutherfoord Goodwin lived in Norwood from 1871 until he entered Roanoke College in 1885. Goodwin’s childhood education and strong religious background helped shape his adult endeavors. While he was an Episcopal Rector at Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg, his vision of restoring the colonial capital captured the interest of philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Their friendship and mutual respect inspired Rockefeller to begin the city’s restoration in 1927 and to invest millions in Colonial Williamsburg. Goodwin was credited with the persistence, wisdom, and enthusiasm to preserve a Virginia historic treasure.

Marker Information:
Date Approved by DHR: 12/16/10
Year On Marker: 2010
Original Sponsor: Nelson County Historical Society
Region: Blue Ridge and Central Piedmont Region
Geographic Location: Nelson County
Physical Description of Location: Southwest corner of intersection between Norwood Road (Route 727) and Capel Lane (Route 626) in Norwood, Lovingston, VA 24599.
GPS Location: 37.643823,-78.808776
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