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Birthplace of Lt. Presly Neville O'Bannon, USMC FF-6 | Marker History

Birthplace of Lt. Presly Neville O’Bannon, USMC Marker, FF-6

Just north stood the home of William and Ann (Neville) O'Bannon, where their son, Lt. Presley Neville O'Bannon, was born about 1776. O'Bannon, a Marine, was the first American to command U.S. forces on foreign soil and the first to raise the American flag over a fortress in the Old World. His success at the Battle of Derne, Tripoli (present day Libya), on 27 Apr. 1805, ended a four-year war against the Tripoli pirates, and inspired the phrase "to the shores of Tripoli" in the Marine Corps Hymn. He settled in Kentucky about 1807, served in its legislature, and died in 1850.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: unknown
Region: Fredericksburg-Culpeper-Warrenton and Upper Piedmont Region
Geographic Location: Fauquier County
Physical Description of Location: Marshall, VA 20115. Located on Co. Road T185, 0.2 miles west of the intersection of Co. Road T185 and Co. Road 721. Marker is on the right when traveling west on Co. Road T185.
GPS Location: 38.86215388,-77.8702484860
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