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Benge's Gap X-22 | Marker History

Benge’s Gap Marker, X-22

Beginning in 1774, Chief Benge led a part of the Shawnee from the Ohio River on raids along the frontier. Benge, who was part white and part Cherokee, frequently captured slaves and then resold them; he also seized white women and children who were then adopted by various Indian groups. On 6 Apr. 1794, Benge attacked the Henry and Peter Livingston farm on the Holston River, took several residents prisoner, and marched them northeast. Three days later, when they entered the Powell Mountain gap just south, Lt. Vincent Hobbs and eleven Lee County militiamen ambushed them, killed Benge with the first volley, and freed the captives.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1999
Region: Southwest Region
Geographic Location: Wise County
Physical Description of Location: Orby Cantrell Highway (US 23), Big Stone Gap, VA 24219. Marker is in median of scenic overlook pull-off at summit of gap.
GPS Location: 36.91302,-82.669423
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