Battle of Piedmont Marker, A-111

The Battle of Piedmont was fought here on 5 May 1864 between Union troops under Maj. Gen. David Hunter and Confederates under Brig. Gen. William E. “Grumble” Jones. Hunter, moving toward Staunton, found Jones’s men posted in a strong position near the village of Piedmont. The outnumbered Confederates held their position through the early afternoon until Jones created a gap in his line. Hunter and Col. Joseph Thoburn, seeing the opportunity, attacked. Union troops captured nearly 1,000 Confederates. Jones was killed, and with the Confederates retreating, Hunter proceeded to Staunton.

Marker Information:
Date Approved by DHR: June 20, 2013
Original Sponsor: DHR-TEA Sesquicentennial
Region: Shenandoah Valley Region
Geographic Location: Augusta County
Physical Description of Location: Proposed Location: Near intersection of 608 and 778
GPS Location: 38.212861,-78.900547
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