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Battle of Petersburg, 25 April 1781--Artillery Position QA-20 | Marker History

Battle of Petersburg, 25 April 1781–Artillery Position Marker, QA-20

On 25 Apr. 1781, Maj. Gen. Friedrich von Steuben's 1,000 Virginia militiamen, driven from the eastern edge of Blandford, established a strong defensive line along the western summit (now Madison Street) above Lieutenant Run valley. Maj. Gen. William Phillips's British force occupied this ridge from here to the Appomattox River. After several unsuccessful infantry attacks, Phillips placed four artillery pieces here and fired on the American line. Facing this threat, and with American ammunition running low, von Steuben decided that any further defense of Petersburg would be futile and ordered a general retreat toward the Pocahontas Bridge to the north.

Marker Information:
Date Approved by DHR: 03/16/05
Year On Marker: 2005
Original Sponsor: Private Sponsor
Region: Richmond Region
Geographic Location: Petersburg
Physical Description of Location: West corner of intersection of E Washington Street and N Little Church Street, Petersburg, VA 23803.
GPS Location: 37.2300917650,-77.3932586820
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