Ampthill Estate Marker, S-3

Built before 1732 by Henry Cary, this was the home of Colonel Archibald Cary, a Revolutionary leader of Virginia. The house was moved, 1929-30, to its present location off Cary Street Road in Richmond's West End.

Marker Information:
Year On Marker: 1962
Region: Richmond Region
Geographic Location: Chesterfield County
Physical Description of Location: Richmond, VA 23234. Located on Jefferson Davis Hwy (Hwy 1), 0.5 miles north of the intersection of Jefferson Davis Hwy (Hwy 1) and Chippenham Pkwy (Rt. 150). Marker is on the right when traveling north on Jefferson Davis Hwy (Hwy 1).
GPS Location: 37.4505116720,-77.4408956630
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